Software solutions for Life Science industry

Inpharmatic is a software development company that provides innovative products for laboratories and production departments in the Life Science industry.
Its flagship solutions for paper-to-digital transformation applied to any forms such as measurement tickets, checklists, logbooks, workbooks and batch records are distinctive in the field.

Paper-to-digital transformation

Inpharmatic’s proprietary technology facilitates the conversion of paper checklists, logbooks, workbooks and batch records into electronic formats, preserving the original layout of the documents and enabling automatic data capture, thus facilitating the transition from paper to digital.

Diform - Digital form

Diform – Digital Form ia a web-based application for GxP digital forms, logbooks, workbooks and checklists.

Dibatch - Digital batch

Dibatch – Digital Batch is a web-based Electronic Batch Record for production departments.

Digma - Digital Maintenance

Digma – Digital Maintenance is an Electronic Maintenance Management System for production facilities.

Acquisition, processing and reporting of transactional measures

Ioi – Integration of instruments provides a solution for capturing, processing and reporting transactional measurements from instruments (such as scales, pH meters, densimeters, etc.), including simple and legacy instruments.

All instruments are integrated into a single platform and data is subject to a review and approval process to ensure Data Integrity. In addition, a number of predefined data reports (electronic tickets) are available for use.

All data collected can be forwarded to other systems such as LIMS, MES, EBR.

Other applications

Web Composer

Allows third parties to participate in document approval workflows


Quality Management System & Electronic Documentation Management


Online training platform: planning, testing and certification

Bottom-up digitalization

Digitization can be frightening... but Inpharmatic makes it easy

Inpharmatic’s software suite offers a gradual, cost-effective transition to Industry 4.0. Start by digitizing one instrument or logbook and expand as you get comfortable. This method reduces paper use and boosts departmental efficiency without drastic changes. We call it bottom-up digitalization!

You can import any original Microsoft Word file, adding digital objects, without changing the layout

The applications support new and older instruments with ports such as RS232, USB, etc., or no data output

• Accessible from any browser with a simple interface
• Access privileges based on profiles and areas
• Access credentials local or from the network

• No code required
• Category 4 Software Validation (GAMP 5)

• Workflow for review and approval with electronic signature (where applicable)

• Application of data conformity verification criteria
• Availability of data for trends, reports and evaluations

Automatic check of the eligibility of the entered data

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